Troop 118 Fundraising Calendar

Why is fundraising important?

Stephen Pace developed an amazing program for Troop 118 that David Faulkner is carrying forward.  There is no better evidence of that fact than the plaques bearing the names of 190+ young men that have attained the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 118.  During the next 12 months, our scouts will have the chance to rappel down the side of a mountain, camp out and hike beautiful trails, enjoy a water outing ( usually canoeing or rafting), participate in Summer Camp, if an older scout then the opportunity to go on a High Adventure trip, apply their scout skills in a friendly competition against one of our peer troops and that just scratches the surface.  What all of those things have in common is the expense associated with transporting (gas and maintenance for the bus), equipping (rappelling gear, gear rental etc.), campsite fees (we are seeing fewer free sites each year)  just to name a few.  In addition, our boys work very hard and achieve many goals, so there are a tremendous number of rank advancements and merit badges earned.  The troop buys those patches for the boys. 

The results of our fundraising efforts is the life-blood of this troop and we need everyone’s best efforts in order to be a success. 

What is the need? 

If you were to comparison shop troop fees, you would see that T118 has the lowest fees of any troop of a comparable size.  We work diligently to keep those fees down.  The best way to do that is for us to have 100% participation from our families.  Our annual budget is around $25,000, HOWEVER, our Scoutmaster only asks for $15,000 from our two sales.  The balance is made up largely by donations from families that have had scouts in Troop 118 in the past.  That should speak volumes to the quality and value of Troop 118. 

Where does this money go?

T118 is on the go 11 of the 12 months of the year. It takes a lot to move a troop of our size. We are blessed to have our bus, but the bus requires a loving-touch (appropriate maintenance) and LOTS of gas. In addition, we have grown to where we need two equipment trailers so there is gas for two more vehicles on each outing. Our gas bill per trip can be counted in the hundreds of dollars!

We are also noting that there are a lot more places charging campsite fees for us to camp where there has been no charge in the past. It would be easy to say “just go somewhere else” but that is difficult to do with the size of our group.

A typical year includes two Courts of Honor (COH) that include all of the advancement and merit badges earned in summer camp, Winter Merit Badge classes and/or individually. Our boys typically earn over 300 merit badges at summer camp alone.  It should not come as a surprise that the Scout Shop doesn’t give those badges away for free.

This is just a snapshot of some of the expenses that T118 incurs.

Spring and Fall Fertilizer Sales

Each year we have two mandatory fundraising events, Spring and Fall Fertilzer sales. The name is somewhat misleading as we sell more that just fertilizer. We have tried to assemble a lineup of items that provide a range of options that anyone can find something to sell and that customers will desire.  In addtion to different types of fertilizer, we also have different grass seeds, potting soils, bird feed and Auto Bell carwash gift cards.  In addition to this lineup, we have mums available in the Fall.

Once again, we will award the top seller (by bagcount) with $100. After the sale we will determine the top seller for the year by combining each scout’s sales totals from the Spring and the Fall.  The top seller for the year will receive $200. 

In addition, we set a sales goal of 40 bagcount for the year (combining sales from both the Spring and Fall).  We will have a special outing for all scouts that meet or surpass that goal.  

As a reminder, our unit of currency in our sales is a bag of fertilizer.  That is why you hear me refer to bagcount for the boys’ sales totals.  The sale of most of our products count as one bag.  The exceptions are 50 pound bags of grass seed that count as 2 bags.  In the Fall, it takes 2 mums to equal 1 bag.  One carwash equals one bag.  If you have any question about our exchange rate, please do not hesitate to ask.

What is the minimum that I need to sell?

The minimum required sales goal per scout is 15 bags (or equivalent) per year. For those that crossed over or joined during the current year, the goal is 8 bags for that first year. (The new scouts that cross over in February each year are not expected to participate in the Spring Sale when they join the troop).

The true goal is to sell as much as possible. Imagine if our adult leaders only did the minimum each week. The top sellers in the past few sales have sold somewhere in the 40 to 50 range but the record in the last few years is 108.5!

There is an adage that says something to the effect that many hands make light work. We need everyone to participate in our fundraising opportunities. 

What if I do not reach the minimum sales amount?

Page 3, The Successful Troop: Scouting is a partnership - a partnership between the boy, the Scoutmaster, and the parent. Each of the partners is important to the Scout’s success and the quality of his Scouting experience. As in any partnership, it will be successful only if all partners contribute.

Page 9, Fees: To provide additional funds, Troop 118 conducts a semi-annual fertilizer/grass seed sale to underwrite the costs of troop activities.  Each Scout is required to participate in this fund raising activity. Participation is part of Scout spirit, and advancement cannot occur without the Scout’s participation.

Pages 9/10, Fertilizer Sales Policy: The objective of the fertilizer/grass seed sales is to provide the operating funds for the Troop.

To this end, each Scout is required to sell a minimum of 15 bags of fertilizer or seed on an annual basis.  It should be noted that this is a minimum.  It actually takes much more to operate the Troop.

Pages 11/12, Scout Spirit: The Troop Committee has adopted the following guidelines as a measure of whether or not a Scout has shown Scout spirit:

Attend or be actively involved in each of the following:

-Fund raising activity (Fertilizer sales)

-Scouting for Food

-Scout Sunday

-Scout shows and the district Camporee

In order to promote more participation by the boys, the Troop Committee decided to eliminate the flat rate of $7 per bag fee required for every bag short of the 15 bag minimum (which would equal $105) and replace it with the following schedule:

Bag Count Sold

Amount Owed

0 - 5


5.5 - 10


10.5 - 14.5


Examples: If a scout sells 3 bags(or the equivalent), then the Troop receives $21 profit from those sales and $200 for a total of $221 instead of $105.  If a scout sells 8 bags, then the Troop receives $56 profit from those sales and $100 for a total of $156 instead of $105.  If a scout sells 13 bags, then the Troop receives $91 profit from those sales and $50 for a total of $141 instead of $105.

Please go out and do your part to make each sale a success.

Fertilizer Sale Resources

2020 Fall Order Form

2020 Fall Sales Flyer

2020 Fall Order Tracker

Fall 2020 Sales Flyer

Fall 2020 Order Form

Fall 2020 Order Tracker

Here is  our calendar for the Fall 2020 sale.

August 24: First Autobell order day

August 30: Deadline for fertilizer orders, email to Rick

August 31: Second Autobell order day

September 7: Labor Day

September 11: Mum delivery day

September 12: Distribution day 

Scout Scrip

Scout families purchase gift cards through the Troop and in return the troop makes a percentage of the total value of the gift card purchase. Gift cards are available for just about every retailer known. To learn more about how to sign up, visit our:

Scout Scrip Program

Troop 118 Golf Tournament

Once again, you have the opportunity to join us at our annual golf tournament to make a difference in a young man’s life. Out tournament is held at Skybrook Golf Club, Charlotte, NC. For more information, please visit the
Troop 118 Golf Tournament Information Page.


Race Fest is in April. We prepare and distribute cups of water and Gatorade to runners as they pass by each Aid Station. In return for this service the RaceFest organizers donate money to Troop 118 that is used to help meet Troop 118's pledge to fund a camp site at Camp Grimes. We will need a high level of participation including scouts and family members this year because we will staff all seven aid stations including the one at the Finish Line. To see all the maps and other documentation about the event, please visit the RaceFest Information Page.

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Upcoming Fundraising Events


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