Troop 118 Scrip Getting Started

Q: What is Scrip?

A: Scrip is a form of payment in lieu of cash. In the case of this program it mainly comes in the form a gift cards but some vendors issue paper certificates.

Q: How does the Troop make money from this program?

A: Each vendor offers a discount on their scrip. When the group order is submitted, the Troop's account is debited only for the discounted amount, so the Troop's profit is realized immediately. For example, Bass Pro Shops offer a 9% discount. On a $100 purchase, the Troop's account would be debited for $91 leaving $9 inthe Troop's account and the individual still gets $100 value.

Q: What is so great about a Scrip program?

A: A scrip program uses money that you are already spending to raise funds for the Troop.

Q: What forms of payment does the Troop accept?

A: Checks are the only acceptable form of payment.

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