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Troop 118 wants to help you with your shopping.

Do you give gift cards as presents for birthdays, graduation, Christmas and other celebrations throughout the year? Well, what if we told you that you could buy those same gift cards at the same price through the Troop? The only difference is that the Troop gets a premium from the card issuer for each purchase? To make it even better, the gift cards will be delivered to you on Sunday morning the week after you place your order – you don’t even have to run another errand to get them!

Did you know that most national chains - gas stations, department stores, restaurants and home improvement stores issue gift cards? If you shop for your own needs for goods and services at these stores, why not buy gift cards for your own use through the Troop? There's no additional cost to you to go this route, but for every dollar you spend using a gift card, the card issuer pays the Troop a premium. The premiums range from 2 to 16%. In addition, St. Stephen UMC will receive a donation of 10% of net profits from purchases made by St. Stephen UMC members other than those that are in the Troop.

We have an opportunity to use money that St. Stephen UMC families are already spending in order to raise funds for the Troop and the church.

What is Scrip? Scrip is substitute money. In most cases, it comes in the familiar form of gift cards that you are already using at most of your favorite merchants. The merchants sell the scrip at a discounted rate to the Scrip Vendor from whom the Troop purchases the gift cards. The great thing is you get 100% of the value that you spend on scrip. If you pay a $100 for a gift card to Lowe’s then you get a card with $100 on it AND the Troop gets the discount!

What Merchants? Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shops, Starbuck’s, iTunes, American Eagle, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Bath & Body Works, Blockbuster, Longhorn Steaks, Gap, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Sears, Staples, Office Depot, Williams Sonoma, GNC, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Movie Theater Tickets and just about every restaurant chain…and list goes on and on and on…. for a complete listing see

It sounds Great, now what do I do?

Go to our "Getting Started" page to learn how to sign up. IMPORTANT: Please insert the name of your Sunday School Class in the “Classroom/Teacher” category and SSUMC in the “Student” Category when registering. This will help assure that St. Stephen UMC received the full 10% donation of net profit. Thank you.

Start shopping!!

  • Once you complete your order…print your Purchase Order (PO) & Write a check for the total order…checks are to be made payable to “Troop 118” (checks are the only acceptable payment at this time)
  • Please place your order in an envelope and drop it in the Boy Scout mail box near the main office.
  • Most Orders submitted on Monday will be available for pick up the following Monday.
  • Scrip is available only in denominations listed on website. Each vendor has its own usage guidelines so be sure to read them carefully BEFORE purchase and make sure that you understand them. Most cards have no expiration date, but I have recently found one that expired two years after purchase, so be sure to read the guidelines before placing your order.
  • Scrip is to be handled like CASH; once it is distributed…it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen; please handle accordingly.

All PO’s must be submitted by the end of the Troop meeting with full payment for the order to be placed that week.

You may be wondering if your email inbox is going to be filled with spam since you have to give and email address with enrollment, I know that I was concerned. I signed up through another organization over 6 months ago and I just received my first email and it was a survey about the usage of the program. With that said, you can expect weekly email reminders from me, especially as we kick this program off!

You can easily find a Family User Guide and FAQs at Please feel free to email any questions.

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