Troop 118 New Scout Information

This page a wealth of information for new parents and Scouts of Troop 118 to aid them in their Scouting adventures. You can find information about the Troop as well as outdoor planning information.
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How the Merit Badge Process Works

Every wonder how to complete Merit Badges from Summer Camp, the Troop's Fall Classes, or those th ...

Learning to Layer

This document contains information to help a Scout learn the proper clothing to wear when outdoor ...

Troop 118 Backpack Roadmap

You have your gear, but how do you pack it? Read through this guide to learn how to pack your ge ...

Troop 118 Equipping Your New Scout

This detailed guide will give you information on the types of equipment needed, what to look for ...

Troop 118 Essential Gear List

Are you unsure what you new Scout needs? Look at this list to give you an idea of what to buy.

Troop 118 Uniform Guidelines

Want to know where all the patches you have should go? This guide will help you place your patch ...

Troop 118 Parent Handbook

Handbook for all new, and existing, parents to help you through your Scout's journey.



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